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Searching out coffees that prove their potential in the cup and are sourced through responsible and sustainable partnerships is a constant pursuit.  Highlighting origin characteristics and their best development dominates our roasting philosophy.  Sourcing and roasting great coffee is a responsibility that we take seriously and gratefully.


Tanzania Peaberry Mimba Estate


Tanzania Peaberry Mimba Estate

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Think: Cocoa, Citrus, & Spice

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Location: Msia, Mbozi, Mbeya, Tanzania
Altitude: 1700 masl
Varietal: Bourbon
Process: Washed
Roast Level: Medium (city+)


Tasting Notes

Aroma: Citrus, Molasses, Grain
Flavor: Citrus, Molasses, Malt
Body: Heavy
Finish: Lingering, Woody

More Info

Mimba Estate was established in 1995 with 100 hectares planted with coffee, an area which has now reached 160 hectares. The estate is owned by a Swiss farmer who has been in the coffee industry for almost 40 years, and who is dedicated to quality, using technology and technique to ensure consistency from year to year.

Most of the coffee from Mimba Estate is sold through the Tanzania Coffee Auction. During the height of the harvest, the Mimba Estate employs more than 150 people in the area, who handle picking, sorting, receiving, processing, and other tasks on the farm. Local producers from the surrounding area often visit Mimba for advice and information about husbandry and best practices on their own farms, and Mimba Estate is happy to share any expertise or experience gained over the years.

Coffee is picked by hand and brought to a central washing station for weighing and sorting. It is depulped using a traditional two-disc depulping machine, and is fermented for 24–36 hours in tanks. It is washed and graded, then moved to the raised drying beds for 10–12 days, or until it reaches moisture of 10–12%.