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Searching out coffees that prove their potential in the cup and are sourced through responsible and sustainable partnerships is a constant pursuit.  Highlighting origin characteristics and their best development dominates our roasting philosophy.  Sourcing and roasting great coffee is a responsibility that we take seriously and gratefully.


Ethiopia Alaka


Ethiopia Alaka

from 11.50

Think strawberry, honey, & peach


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Location: Guji, Alaka District, Oromia Region
Altitude: 1,900 - 2,200 meters
Varietal: Indigenous heirloom
Processing: Natural
Roast Level: Light (city)


Tasting Notes

Aroma: Fruity, Floral, Coconut
Flavor: Strawberry, Honey, Peach, Cherry
Body: Light
Finish: Tea like, Floral


More Info

METAD Agricultural Development PLC is a family owned business that operates the Hambela Coffee Estate, which is where our Ethiopia Alaka originates. METAD strives to strengthen the local community with employment opportunities (such as a workforce that is 70% women), educational opportunities (including sponsorship for a state-of-the art elementary school with more than 300 students), and medical support (featuring a partnership with Grounds for Health to implement cervical cancer screening for women in the community). METAD provides technical assistance and shares modern farming equipment with other local farmers. METAD also has the first and only private, SCAA certified quality control lab in Africa. They use this lab to train both domestic and international coffee professionals. If you’re into fruity, vibrant coffees, you will love our Ethiopia Alaka! It is a natural-processed light roast with notes of strawberry, honey, and peach.