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Searching out coffees that prove their potential in the cup and are sourced through responsible and sustainable partnerships is a constant pursuit.  Highlighting origin characteristics and their best development dominates our roasting philosophy.  Sourcing and roasting great coffee is a responsibility that we take seriously and gratefully.


Burundi Kayanza Kabingo


Burundi Kayanza Kabingo

from 11.50

Think: Berry, Pineapple, & Clove


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Location: Kayanza, Burundi
Altitude: 1893 meters
Varietal: Bourbon
Processing: Natural
Roast Level: Light


Tasting Notes

Aroma: Sweet, Clove, Cherry, Floral
Flavor: Berry, Pineapple, Cherry, Clove
Body: Medium
Finish: Clean, Sweet


More Info

This incredible coffee from Burundi comes from the Kabingo wet mill, which is located near the Congo-Nile crest in Kayanza, Burundi. “Kabingo” comes from the word “urubingo” which means “reeds” in the native tongue. This area is well-known for the reeds growing along the river banks which were planted as an erosion control measure and have been in place for many years. The wet mill is surrounded by coffee farms, with over 2,750 farmers bringing their coffee to be processed each season. This amounts to more than 650 metric tons of coffee each year. After drying, coffee is sent to the Budeca dry mill for further processing and preparation for export. This coffee is loaded with berry tasting notes and has a uniquely clean finish. The tasting notes listed above are a small glimpse into the complexity of this coffee!